If you`re interested in becoming an AAA towing contractor, there are a few things you need to do to qualify. The American Automobile Association is a reputable organization that provides roadside assistance to its members. As a contractor for AAA`s roadside assistance program, you`ll be responsible for responding to calls for help and rescuing stranded motorists.

1. Meet the minimum requirements

To become a AAA towing contractor, you`ll need to meet a few minimum requirements. First, you must have a valid driver`s license and a clean driving record. You`ll also need to have liability insurance and a commercial tow truck that meets AAA`s specifications.

2. Apply for a towing contractor position

Once you meet the minimum requirements, you can apply to become a towing contractor for AAA. You can contact your local AAA office or visit the AAA website to apply. The application process will include a background check, so make sure you have all of your documentation in order.

3. Attend the orientation and training program

Once you`re accepted as a towing contractor, you`ll be required to attend an orientation and training program. This program will cover everything you need to know about working for AAA, including the company`s policies, procedures, and safety protocols. You`ll also learn how to use the computer system for dispatching calls and managing your jobs.

4. Pass the certification process

After completing the orientation and training program, you`ll need to pass the certification process. This process includes a written exam and a hands-on evaluation of your towing skills. Once you pass the certification process, you`ll be an official AAA towing contractor.

5. Maintain your certification

To remain a AAA towing contractor, you`ll need to maintain your certification. This means attending continuing education courses to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and safety regulations. You`ll also need to maintain your insurance and keep your tow truck in good working order.

In conclusion, becoming a AAA towing contractor can be a great opportunity for those who love helping people and have a passion for towing. By following these steps, you can become a valuable asset to the AAA roadside assistance program and build a successful towing business.